Page 130

#140 small

Page 130

Materials used: 

Other information: 

This exhibit is formed of an Apple iPod nano, mounted on the page.

On the iPod is a single song, especially composed and recorded for this project, which describes my personal image of beauty.  The iPod is set on repeat and so once the play icon is pressed the song should play on a continuous loop. Once it has started playing there should be an anonymous music icon on the screen (two quavers).

The song was recorded using a 1972 Greco SG guitar, a blackstar  valve amp and a world-worn voice.

I envisage it being exhibited under glass (if possible). Ideally the usb power cable will discreetly come out of the iPod and disappear out of view. The headphones should then be placed around the page, as if ready to be put on, however, being behind the glass all that will be audible is the odd tinny sound, inviting the audience to imagine what might be playing and project their own ideas onto it, in the spirit of Sterne’s original.


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