Page 108

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Page 108

Materials used: Letterpress. Typeface: Caslon. Etching paper. Embossed image.

Other information: Editioning printer: Iain Sloan. Iron Press Printmaking. The storey. Meeting house lane. Lancaster. LA1 1TH.  Made 26.5.16 Title: IMAGO. Signed. XXV1/V/2016

Letter: The enclosed is an embossed letterpress print entitled: Imago (2016), made at the Iron Press Printmaking Studio, The Storey Institute, Lancaster on 26.5.16. The editioning printer is Iain Sloan, and the print was pulled by myself. The typeface is Caslon.

I decided that I would remain true to Sterne’s idea to use the blank page as a means of projecting one’s imagination. However, to facilitate this I have also made reference to the English Rosicrucian and alchemist, Robert Fludd’s vision of the Cosmos as an interrelated whole, the Macrocosm and the Microcosm mediated by the allegorical female figure of Nature, and based partly on the teachings of the Thrice Great Hermes (Tristmegistus), and encapsulating the Hermetic tradition of which both Fludd and Sterne were inheritors. This schema too, invites the viewer to project their imagination in laying before us the complex and polysemous spheres of existence. However, rather than the provide an image, I simply present the imago (Sykes, J.B (1982:498). Concise OED. OUP.Oxford.) as unmarked page with only a coded reference for the philosopher to explore and to divine for themselves.

Page transcribed: Plate xviii Integra Nature Speculum Antique Imago Fludd, Robert (1619) Utrisque cosmi maioris seilicet et minoris metaphysica atque technical historia Oppenheim 1617 – 1619


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